Supplies on AutoPilot


Fulfillment Managers are responsible for managing inventory and order fulfillment. For printers without an MPS contract, Printerpoint increases post-sale revenue by fulfilling ink, toner and paper needs before customers purchase consumables elsewhere. For printers placed on a supplies-inclusive contract, Printerpoint maximizes revenue by ensuring that the customer never experiences printing downtime due to lack of consumables.

Easy MPS Fulfillment


Stop waiting for your customer to ask for a sale. Your fulfillment department should be busy sending out orders, not waiting by the phone. Printerpoint increases post-sale revenue on printers placed without a contract by fulfilling ink, toner and paper needs before customers purchase consumables from other providers.


stay On Top of Inventory


Automate supply fulfillment for inclusive contracts by generating orders automatically when customer inventory runs low. Printerpoint minimizes your customer and staff responsibility in the inventory process while ensuring customers never run low on supplies.

Keep the Ink Flowing


Maintain ink, toner and paper inventory levels at customer sites. With reorder thresholds, you are notified when it’s time to send more supplies. A must for both for cost per-click placements and transactional sales.

a 24/7 Sales Tool


Printerpoint isn’t just an operations back-end–it’s large format printer lead generation. For printers without a supplies contract, Printerpoint can email your customer when their printer needs ink or toner. One-click order confirmation from that email let’s you know that a sale has been made.

always be closing

Turn your fulfillment staff into a sales team. See the status of every printer at a glance, give the customer a call, make a sale.

you're a star

Re-brand Printerpoint's customer portal. We show your customer what supplies their printer needs and give them a simple ‘order now’ button and you get all the credit.

your crystal ball

See a detailed history of each printer's status. If the printer needed supplies at some point and then didn't -  you will see that and more.

read your customer's mind

For MPS contracts tell us how much ink/toner/paper you have at the customer office. Printerpoint will notify the right folks when it’s time to send more.