Service matters


Service Managers are responsible for ensuring that printers in the field function with minimal downtime. Profitability is based on printing volume, and when printers are down, your company loses revenue. With Printerpoint, Service Departments are notified of printer service issues and preventative maintenance needs. Printerpoint’s service automation allows for higher SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) on MPS contracts and increased post-sale revenue on printer without a contract.

Service and profit go together


Turn your service department into a sales team. Call your customers when an error code shows up - before they call someone else. Remind them when preventative maintenance is due to keep their printer running longer. Printerpoint drives more after sale revenue directly from service calls - even on printers you didn’t place at the customer site.

the future of service - now


It’s 2017, your customers shouldn’t have to tell you there is a problem with their printer. Printers open their own support cases with Printerpoint. Removing customers from the error notification process and improving break/fix turnaround times. With real time printer status for Océ, HP, Canon iPF, KIP and others, Printerpoint keeps you out ahead of your customers complaints.

alerts - lots of them

See hundreds of error and warning codes to keep you informed about all aspects of a printer’s health.


See HP PageWide XL Preventative Maintenance Kit status levels so you always know when to schedule routine service.

Service history

Review a history of each printer’s service alerts - even if the problem was resolved without your help.

an open and shut case

Create support cases from error codes and assign them to your service techs. Cases are closed when the issue is no longer present.

Case Management and more


Create and assign support cases to your techs directly from the actual printer alerts in the field. Email your techs a list of printers that need attention every day. The Printerpoint Daily Digest is the ultimate large format service to do list.