your path forward

Use Printerpoint as the foundation of your transition from large format printer sales to large format MPS.

support  cases

Printers open their own support cases, not your customers. Assign cases to your techs directly from the error messages reported by printers.

fleet level views

See dozens of printers at a time and open a case, fulfill an order or finalize monthly billing with a click of a button.

Automated Revenue

Increase post-sale revenue by automatically emailing your staff or your customers when a printer needs ink/toner, paper or service.

From us to you

Printerpoint has been built from the ground up, with input from companies just like yours, to help you run a more profitable large format printer program. Please get in touch with us to discuss how Printerpoint can benefit your company. No hard sales. We are genuinely interested in learning about your business and if we can help you.

You can have it both ways


Large format printer MPS and transactional sales models can both be successful. With cost per-click contracts, you need automation and efficiencies to scale to hundreds of printers in a wide territory without buckling under the workload. With a printer sale, you need to turn your fulfillment and service departments into sales teams that generate revenue. Printerpoint can accomplish both of these for you company.

MPS contract printers


When you place a printer on a cost per-click contract, you are taking on the service and supplies responsibilities for your customer. Your staff ensures the printer is functioning and that the necessary ink/toner and paper is on hand to keep printing. By accepting these responsibilities, you incur a soft cost. With a cost per-click contract, the key to profitability is to keep these soft costs down.

Non-contract printers


Printers need. They need supplies. They need service. When a printer is not under an MPS contract, your customer is assuming these responsibilities. You hope they will call you when the printer needs ink/toner or paper. You hope they will call you when it needs service. Margins on a sale are tight, and without post-sale revenue, you have to sell a lot of printers to make a few bucks. The key to success is making sure that you get that call to perform service and send more supplies—not your competitors.