billing your way

Square footage, Ink/Toner usage, Print Categories - large format printer contracts are different and Printerpoint is too.

Go Back in time

Printerpoint can often show you print usage well before you installed Printerpoint–up to a year’s history.

Can you say assessment?

every print record

Large format prints cost too much to simply watch a meter count increase.  Printerpoint shows you the details of every print.

set it and forget it

Sit back and watch the data you need show up in your email in-box on the day you need it. It’s that simple.

Every 5 minutes

Billing data is collected every 5 minutes so your invoices are never delayed because a customer is avoiding your requests to get a meter read.

large format dna

Printerpoint is built specifically for large format. No more post-processing meter counts that were made for small format printer contracts.

Take a Day Off


Simplify the overall billing process so that it can be performed by less technical and less costly staff members. By adopting Printerpoint, equipment providers have reduced the employee hours required to run monthly billing by 80% or more.

Flexible for the future


Square footage, print category, ink coverage, toner coverage, milliliters of ink. Printerpoint supports just about every contract type we’ve ever heard of in the large format printer industry. Go beyond a click count. Large format printers are different and so are we.

no More Headaches


Reduce the internal communication required to accomplish simple recurring billing tasks. Reduce the customer involvement. All the billing information you need, when you need it: real time in Printerpoint and emailed right to you inbox on billing day for each printer.


Simplify Large Format Billing


Accountants are responsible for invoicing customers each month. Monthly invoicing depends on printer meter readings which are collected by email, phone or through the company’s website. Delays in collecting the meter reads delays invoice delivery, which delays cash flow. Printerpoint automates the important, but cumbersome manual collection process that is required before invoices can be sent to customers.