Business: Legal

Headquarters: Irvine, CA

Employees: 50

Workstations: Windows

Printing Equipment: Canon ImageRunner Advance MFPs, HP LaserJet printers

Argos Setup: Argos OnBoard for Canon, Tabs3 Round Trip Accounting Integration

Kring & Chung, LLP increased client bill back from $30,000 per year to over $100,000 per year by switching to a new cost recovery provider: Argos, by Sepialine.

The Client

Kring & Chung, LLP is a full service law firm that has been providing legal services to corporations, businesses and individuals throughout California for a quarter century. Their experienced attorneys focus on corporate, business, employment, construction, real estate, family law, estate planning, personal injury and  intellectual property. Kring & Chung has its corporate office in Orange County, California with offices in Irvine, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Inland Empire and Las Vegas. Kring & Chung has about 50 employees, eight multi-function printers (MFPs), and about 30 small laser and inkjet printers.


The Challenge

Kring & Chung passes document-handling costs to their clients. Their employees print, copy, scan and fax a significant amount of paperwork associated with clients. Kring & Chung used Equitrac Professional to track copy and fax activity on their MFPs, but frequent equipment and software malfunctions led to lots of missed billings and increased employee frustration Kring & Chung’s billing department spent several hours each month attempting to reconcile the billing information collected from the Equitrac system with the activity logs from the MFPs.


They looked for alternatives to Equitrac and decided to try Argos. It was simple to install, and in no time they were able to look at a report of copy, fax, print and scan data from their MFPs and see the billable data that Equitrac was missing.


The Results

By switching from Equitrac to Argos, Kring & Chung increased monthly billing by 233%, reduced printing costs and saved hours of IT and administration headaches each month.


Sepialine as partner, not just a vendor

Kring & Chung started tracking all eight MFPs through Argos and saw an immediate increase in billable print costs. But Sepialine’s Director of Support, Adam Dragland, saw additional possible revenue for Kring & Chung and persuaded Yazmin to silently track the additional 30 printers. “Low-volume desktop printers are often overlooked in cost recovery plans” said Adam. “But that printing can add up.” After a month of silent tracking, Yazmin ran a report and was surprised about how often employees were using the desktop printers for both billable work and personal printing. She quickly added all printers to the Argos system, and doubled their monthly billing.


Sepialine’s tech support team also helped Kring & Chung create custom reports, and connect their accounting software, Tabs3, to Argos. Client and matter codes from Tabs3 are automatically imported into Argos, and billing data from Argos is exported every month to Tabs3. This level of integration helps Kring & Chung’s billing department keep a hands-off approach to Argos.


Increased billing, lower printing costs

Since Equitrac had only monitored copying and faxing – not printing, employees never thought twice about using company printers for personal printing. By reviewing the monthly activity reports provided by Argos, Yazmin saw 300-page recipe books, March Madness brackets and many other wasteful print jobs that were costing the company money. After showing employees how much personal printing was costing the company, they reduced their overall printing volume across all printers.


A quick return on investment

Before implementing Argos, Kring & Chung was able to bill approximately $30,000 in printing expenses per year. The first year of using Argos, they recovered over $100,000. Argos had paid for itself just from the increased billing in only a few months.




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