hornall anderson

Business: Design and Branding

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Employees: 200

Workstations: Mostly Mac, some Windows

Printing Equipment: Xerox 700 Digital Color Press with EFI Fiery RIP server

Argos Setup: Argos, EFI Fiery Integration, Copy Tracking Keypads, Mac Desktop Clients

Hornall Anderson is a 200-person Brand Experience Agency headquartered in Seattle, Washington. As a part of the Omincom Group, they develop brand identity for companies like Starbucks, GE and Microsoft.

The Challenge

When printing out a package design for Frito-Lay, or concepting for Alaska Airlines, Hornall Anderson’s designers use Xerox 700 Digital Color Press printers with EFI Fiery RIP Servers. The Fiery RIP Server allows for uncompromising color reproduction at blazing speeds. Or, it should, anyway. But, because of the print workflow required by their cost recovery software (Equitrac), Hornall Anderson found they were running into “huge productivity issues” that made printing unbearable.


The Details

The designers at Hornall Anderson create mockups and final art for their clients using tools like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator on Macintosh computers. To bill their clients for the color printing expenses, they used Equitrac’s Print Management and Cost Recovery software. Equitrac does not integrate with EFI’s RIP Servers, so all printing had to be sent through a Windows print server, where Equitrac was installed.


Hornall Anderson employees would print from InDesign, use the Equitrac popup to assign it to a client, and then wait, and wait, and wait for their print to come out of the printer. It could take upwards of 30 minutes for an InDesign document to print, so productivity came to a grinding halt. This caused multi-day printing backlogs that resulted in very frustrated employees and inaccurate billing for clients. The designers were unsure if the print failed, or was still being processed by Equitrac, so they’d send it again, which added to the delays. And, because Equitrac required users to assign each print to a project before it actually printed, clients could be billed multiple times for a single print.

Our Solution: Deep integration with Fiery RIP Server.


Sepialine has partnered with EFI for the past decade to provide deep integration with many of their products, including the popular Fiery RIP server line. By replacing Equitrac with Argos, Hornall Anderson was able to simplify the print process significantly. Designers print from their Macs directly to the RIP Server, the way Xerox and EFI intended. No need to pass the print through a Windows print server, and no need to wait for the tracking software to analyze the print job before it reaches the RIP. Argos connects directly to the Fiery RIP Server, and tracks each print as soon as it comes out of the Xerox.


The Results

When Argos was introduced with EFI Fiery integration, the processing time per print was reduced by over 75%. Designers are now confident that they are only billing clients for the jobs that come out of the printer, and average printing time for a complex InDesign document has gone from over 30 minutes to under two minutes.


This increased employee productivity and increased client billing by allowing improving the print volume from two print jobs per hour to 30+ print jobs per hour.




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